Thursday, September 29, 2011

WOW #3

Since the seasons are changing my Hubby and I are trying to get in as many workouts outside these days before we are forced back in to the hot, stuffy gym. Plus if we workout outside, we can take our dog Kona with us to get her daily exercise.

I like to do cross-fit style workouts which are often pretty exhausting. For some reason when I pick out a workout or make up my own work out, I always think that they are going to be easier then they actually turn out to be. I like to "trick" myself and break up the workout in my mind. I will tell my self, "All I have to do is run for five minutes." Then once I have ran for five minutes I say, " All I have to do is 20 burpees." This helps me focus on the specific exercise I am doing and keeps me pushing hard throughout the workout. Good Luck with today's workout!

Track Workout:
Warm up by running for five minutes followed by stretching.
20 jumping jacks
20 burpees
20 walking lunges
Run for five minutes
20 pushups
20 tricep dips
20 walking lunges
Run for five minutes
60 second plank
40 mountain climbers
20 walking lunges
Run for five minutes
40 bicycle crunches
20 oblique plank crunches (in a plank position bring knee up to elbow, return to plank position.)

Finish with an abdominal workout:
Complete this circuit twice
20 leg lifts
20 double crunches
30 second side plank, each side

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  1. I break up my workouts like that too in my head... only mostly by miles right now. I've been training for the Chicago Marathon. When I run marathons though I can't even break up the miles in my head, I need to just not think about them at all. That's why I like doing them in "new" cities :)