Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WOW #2

If you  followed the last couple workouts of the week (WOW), you have probably noticed I am all about quick and efficient workouts. Here is another intense workout you can do anywhere. Good Luck!

WOW #2
Warm up by running one mile.
Complete each of the 10 exercises in the circuit for 60 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds between exercises. 
Complete this circuit two times.
  1. Goblet Squat : hold a dumbbell at chest level while you squat
  2. Mountain climbers: in push up position, do a running motion bringing knees to your chest
  3. Single-Arm dumbbell swing : like a kettle ball swing but with one arm. Do each arm for 30 seconds.
  4. T-Push up: push up position with dumbbell in each hand, go down into push up. Come up and extend one arm up over your head and shoulder so your body creates a "t." Rotate arms.
  5. Split jump: start in lunge position. Explode up off the ground to do a scissor kick in the air and land with opposite foot forward in lunge position. (essentially this is alternating jumping lunges)
  6. Dumbbell row: bend at your hips to make you back parallel to the floor and complete row, squeezing your shoulder blades together
  7. Dumbbell side lunge with touch: side lunge with dumbbells in each hand sink low enough into your lunge that both dumbbells touch the floor.
  8. Push up row: push up position with dumbbell in each hand, complete a single arm row
  9. Lunge with rotation: hold a dumbbell at chest height, step forward into lunge. While in lunge rotate your upper body towards your forward leg.
  10. Dumbbell push press: standing, hold dumbbells in each hand at shoulders. Slightly bend your knees.  At the same time straighten your knees and extend your arms over your shoulders
Rest for two minutes and complete this circuit a second time.
Stretch to cool down.
*Remember to go light with your weights. You are not completing sets in this circuit. It is very exhausting completing the same exercise for 60 seconds. Use lighter weights so you can still use correct form.
Good Luck!

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