About Angela

Hi I'm Angela. Thanks for stopping by The Nested Home. The cute guy in the picture is my  husband Mike! I'm a Christian and rejoice in all the blessings God provides us with. I feel that God has inspired me to share with others the talents he has given to me. The Nested Home was created to share my passion for creating and to help others choose a healthier lifestyle by sharing fitness tips/workouts. And that's just what I do on my days off! My full time job is being nurse.

We bought our first house a few years ago and we are continually working to make it a cozy home. My entire life I have always been "crafty" and enjoyed making things from scratch or adding my own style to things I have purchased. My craftiness and diy style took off  when we bought our house and I was finally able to decorate and design my own place.

I grew up playing soccer and running track. My parents practically had a full time job transporting my sisters and I to different practices and sporting events. (Thanks Mom and Dad!) When I graduated high school I stopped participating in competitive sports and had to find another outlet for my athletic ability. I grew a love for fitness and daily workouts. I am continually changing my workout routines and attempting to find ways to keep the "daily grind" of the gym from getting too boring.

Join me here for some decorating tips, diy projects, and  fitness inspiration.